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"If I found a way to get paid every time people turned on a light, sent a text message, surfed the Internet, made a phone call or cooked a meal... you'd want to know, right?"

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Too Much Month at the End of The Money?
We have all experienced the rat race of making just enough money to pay the bills and not enough for anything else. What about having the funds to enjoy life instead of just getting by?


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Lynne Cathey
Real Estate Business Owner

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Mitchell From
Serial Entrepreneur | Mentor | Speaker 

“Mitchell From knows business inside and out and is an incredible mentor. He is an honorable man and a man of God who takes people with him, if they're willing!"

Marshall Stewart
Business Owner - Real Estate Property Mgmt
Rush Hour... is No Joke!
How much of your life do you spend sitting in the car, in the traffic, with all the other drivers that are on the verge of road rage? Being on the road with that 95% of the population every morning and every evening is no Joke... it's a hazard to your health!
Did You Buy Into the Same Lie as I Did?
Our parents had good intentions; they only told us what they thought was best. Were you told to work for 40+ hours a week, for 40+ years and then retire on just a portion of what you couldn't even get by on in the first place? How does that make any sense? Trading hours for dollars is not how the wealthy have TIME & MONEY to enjoy now... and later in life. There's another way!